Etiquette’s not just fodder for fusty advice columns. Despite the increasing casualization of work — in the sense of both increasingly gig-based work and Mark Zuckerberg’s t-shirts — bad business etiquette can still blow a deal if you’re not careful.

That said, maintaining proper etiquette is not always easy. For starters, few of us are ever formally introduced to business etiquette. Instead, we have to pay attention and pick up clues about appropriate behavior as we go along. Another challenge is that so much of business etiquette is about body language, something you can really only control so long as you’re hyperaware of it.

While it may not solve all of your etiquette woes, the following infographic from Swiss Canadian Capital will at least give you a good place to start. The infographic covers 15 common body language blunders that come across as bad business etiquette. Armed with this knowledge, you should have an easier time projecting the proper demeanor — and scoring workplace wins as a result.

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