Touch screen mobile phoneThis new year of 2013 will have a lot to offer for the recruiting world and here at we’d like to give you a heads up on what’s to come. We’ve compiled the expertise and insight from some of the industry’s leading and most knowledgeable experts to give our readers an exclusive look at the current and upcoming trends in recruitment technology. From CEOs and VPs of HR and recruiting startups to HR technology consultants and business writers, this insight from the field’s best is sure to help jumpstart your recruiting success in 2013.

So far, our experts have highlighted trends in social media and talent communities. Take a look at the latest trends for mobility, supported by four experts:

Mobility will transform the HR process

HR processes, including performance management, training, hiring/recruitment, and assessments are all moving away from desktops and laptops and are essential needs for organizations to have accessible on their tablets, phones and devices. There is also a push for more employee engagement through workforce social channels that allow for informal mentor/mentee relationships, provide an opportunity for formal and informal feedback. Companies like Yammer have already carved out a niche in this space.

Tiffani Murray, Career expert, resume writer, independent HR Technology and Talent Management consultant

Mobile is the center point for new developmentplatforms, models, usability

Driving the recruiting activity to the screen of choice and making it interactive is critical to recruitment technology success. We’ll see better designs for job postings, apply processes and status updates for candidates regardless of connectivity. We will decouple from the desktop system and start to use interactions with tablets and smart phones. Candidate application processes will be hardest to accomplish —but the most recognized when accomplished.

A lot of mobile data exists today in the broader market – including something I just heard on the news yesterday.  We now have more connected devices in the U.S. than we do people. The average home has 5-8 connected devices with only 3-5 humans. Our house is a bit on the extreme – we have 4 humans and 18 connected devices (4 smart phones, 4 computers, 3 tablets, 1 smart TV, 2 gaming systems). Every connection point is an opportunity for recruitment. Access is no longer the problem – the problem is now going to be solved with experience.

Elaine Orler, President Founder, Talent Function Group

2013 will be more mobile

A recent stat showed 91 percent of Americans have their mobile phone within reach 24/7. So it should come as no surprise that mobile recruiting will be important in the future. Mobile optimized career pages will result in more great talent in 2013, especially passive candidates without the time to go through long applications. Candidates can even video interview from their phones, making 2013 the year when the hiring process goes mobile. Technology making mobile recruiting faster and easier will certainly be in high demand.

Josh Tolan, CEO of SparkHire

The mobile platform will exponentially grow in the recruiting world

According to an Infographic created by in 2011, 77 percent of job seekers were already using mobile job search apps. The number of recruiting focused mobile phone apps and the ability to apply directly for jobs through mobile apps will thrive as major employers use competitive analysis and forward metrics to significantly influence traditional HR recruiting models.

As these HR models shift to reflect a more externally focused business model revolving around risk management and forecast hiring, mobile platforms will drive data driven results to show candidate engagement and return rates to websites (both mobile and other).

Genevieve Phillips, Recruiting Consultant, Resourceful HR, LLC

Interested to learn what else is in store for recruitment technology in 2013? Stay tuned for our next article in this exclusive 2013 recruiting tech trends series.

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