January 14, 2013

2013 Recruitment Technology Trends: Video, Big Data & Analytics

Man in blue suit working with digital vurtual screenThis new year of 2013 will have a lot to offer for the recruiting world and here at Recruiter.com we’d like to give you a heads up on what’s to come. We’ve compiled the expertise and insight from some of the industry’s leading and most knowledgeable experts to give our readers an exclusive look at the current and upcoming trends in recruitment technology. From CEOs and VPs of HR and recruiting startups to HR technology consultants and business writers, this insight from the field’s best is sure to help jumpstart your recruiting success in 2013.

So far, our experts have highlighted trends in social media, talent communities, mobility and applicant tracking systems. Take a look at the latest trends for video conferencing, analytics and big data offered by six experts:

Video interviews and video resumes will be on the forefront of this technological boom

This type of interviewing will allow employers to see a candidate’s communication skills and personality earlier in the process. This will cut down on time-to-hire and help employers cut out time-consuming phone screens. Instead, employers can conduct one-way video interviews where candidates answer written questions on film. If employers know the candidate is a bad fit for the company they can move on quickly without wasting a half hour or more on the phone with someone all wrong for the job.

Josh Tolan, CEO, Spark Hire

Video conferencing will replace face-to-face interviews          

Early and more frequent interviews will be handled via video conferencing in the cloud. Already we’re seeing many of our customers engaging in video conferencing for recruiting and hiring. Employers don’t need to worry about the candidate having access to an expensive room-based system, and they can conduct the interviews within the context of business-process applications such as LinkedIn or Salesforce to have all the interview candidate’s information at their fingertips.  Conservative estimates point to obtaining an ROI on video conferencing (vs. flying in a candidate) after four months when companies conduct just two interviews per month via video conferencing.  (Source: The Business Case for Video Conferencing, Wainhouse Research, 2005).

James Matheson, VP of Marketing, Blue Jeans Network

Big Data and NoSQL will continue to be hot

Technologies such as Hadoop, Cassandra, Voldemort, and Redis are all very hot as companies try to figure out smarter ways to utilize data to make money.

Avetis Antaplyan, VP/Managing Partner, The Mitchell Group

Predictive analytics and big data on the rise

Companies are finding it harder to manage applicant volume and, as a result, are looking toward technology to help parse applicant information and predict those who are likely to be stellar performers.  They want a holistic view of the applicant, including how others before them have performed to help fine-tune their predictive capabilities. SaaS applications will accelerate their formidable competition to on-premise systems.

Kevin Hegebarth, VP of Marketing and Product Management, HireIQ 

2013 will be a cut through year for analytics

Customers are continuously asking for more analytics, linked with data from multiple sources which is often less structured than traditional forms of data.

Sylvia Vorhauser-Smith, Senior Vice President of Research, PageUp People

Data analytics a key to increased productivity, management and success

Data analytics is helping organizations predict employee success, identify top performers, calculate compensation, reallocate resources, and analyze market trends with unprecedented precision.

We believe that businesses will transform their approach to their workforce through data in order to implement meaningful business improvements and dramatically improve their bottom line.

We believe that companies will succeed in the coming decade based on their ability to harness the troves of data they currently maintain on their workforce. Companies that effectively harness this data will be able to gain advantage in an increasingly competitive labor market, deliver superior end customer satisfaction, reduce attrition, improve employee productivity, and better facilitate an effective match of any potential employee to any given position.

Forward thinking companies that move quickly in this direction will be able to significantly differentiate themselves in the market while simultaneously improving operating profitability.

Jim Meyerle, Co-Founder, Evolv

Interested to learn what else is in store for recruitment technology in 2013? Stay tuned for our final article in this exclusive 2013 recruiting tech trends series.

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