WomanWhen you’ve been looking for a job for some time and not getting the results you’d like, it’s tempting to simply give up. But no matter how discouraged you get, giving up on finding a job isn’t an option. Finding a job is a crucial part of survival. When you’re feeling overwhelmed, you have to get creative and try something new.

Here is a list of the most common job myths and how they could be holding you back in your search:

1. There Just Aren’t Any Jobs Right Now.

Although the job market continues to be tight, there are still jobs to be had. The problem is that you either don’t know about them, you don’t want to do them, or you don’t have the skills for them. To find out about job openings in your area, you’ll need to use a job board, in addition to getting leads from people you know. If you aren’t qualified for many jobs, create a plan to increase your qualifications.

2. Jobs Are Only Online These Days.

There are many ways you can find out about a job opening. Some jobs are listed online, some you can find by contacting the company’s human resources department, and others you’ll only know about through your professional network.

3. Temporary Jobs Aren’t Worth the Effort.

While the majority of temp jobs may say that they are “temp to hire,” there are plenty of people who believe that no matter how well they perform their temp job, they won’t be offered a permanent job. Though this is unlikely, even if it were, a temp job is a great way to try out a new job, earn some money in the short term, and give you more relevant job experience while looking for a more ideal position.

4. Most Employers Don’t Care about Social Networking.

Some job seekers think that employers aren’t actually using the Internet and that they don’t care about social media. However, almost every business has accounts on social networking sites. You can find out lots of useful information from these profiles, but remember that it works both ways. An employer will also search for you and view your social media accounts.

5. You Should Take Any Job You Can Get.

After a drawn out job search, it can be tempting to take any job you can get. After all, it’s better than no job. But that’s really not the best way to go. Taking a job that you aren’t qualified for, or one that you know you won’t enjoy, is a waste of time. If you accept a job that isn’t right for you, you’ll probably end up job hunting again in a year or so. Instead of taking a job that isn’t right for you, consider working temp jobs, taking freelance work, or accepting a lower-level job title while working toward a job that’s a better fit for you.

If you’ve been having trouble finding a job, ask yourself what things you are doing that could be preventing you from finding the job you really want. In order to compete in today’s job market, you have to stop believing these myths and look for new ways to stand out.

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