fast runner 1. Attend Job Fairs

One of the quickest ways to get an interview is to attend a job fair. Last year I received three job offers. All three were offers were from recruiters I had met at job fairs. At job fairs, you can meet dozens of recruiters in a short amount of time.

Bring at least twenty resumes and business cards, if you have any. Recruiters like to see candidates who come prepared. Be sure to wear a suit, stand with proper posture, and put on a big smile. This is your chance to sell yourself. Even if recruiters have nothing to offer and tell you to “Apply online,” offer your resume and be friendly. Recruiters will oftentimes hire someone who they think has a great personality, even if they have less experience.

2. Market Yourself on and Other Job Portals

A quick way to get an interview is to connect to recruiters directly on Every job seeker should have a LinkedIn Profile. is a website that allows professionals to share their work history with others. Recruiters use as a way to post jobs and review candidates.

Another quick way to land an interview is to post your resume to Job Boards such as,,, and Recruiters search these sites for resumes by using a Boolean search. They use keywords to narrow down their pool of candidates. The way to get noticed by a recruiter is to include key words from your desired job description in your resume.

3. Contact Companies Directly

After you have applied for a job online, a quick way to get an interview is to call the company directly and ask about the status of your application. Usually recruiters can only read the first 50-60 resumes they receive. By calling, you show the recruiter that you are a determined candidate. Even if you don’t receive any information, putting your name out there will help you land an interview faster.

4. Network Among Friends Family

If you are looking for a job and want an interview quick, talk to your friends and family about where they work and if their companies are hiring. Strike up conversations at parties and family events. Advertise your job hunt on your Facebook or Twitter account. Be friendly about it and ask people for advice. Many people like to help others find a job. Also, receiving a referral from a friend or relative will also help you land an interview. Most employers prefer to hire through employee referrals. Employee referrals help the company save money on recruiting and usually result in a lower turnover rate.

5. Join Your Alumni Network

Want an interview and nothing else has helped? Reconnect with your college or high school. Many schools offer Alumni Networks both on campus and online. Use Facebook and LinkedIn to join groups and meet fellow alumni. You never know who might contact you about a job.

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