Flex Workers Rock Infographic sectionHave you heard the latest news? Flexible workers are the new rockstars of the workforce! That is according to an infographic from Hourly.com, “Top 5 Reasons Why Flex Workers Rock.”

The new data offers five reasons not only why this select group of workers rock, but why companies should hire them:

1. They’re Expanding

  • 47 percent of full-time workers with flexible schedules freelance full time
  • 25 million Americans work part-time, 20 million telecommute and 10 million are independent contractors

2. They Help Grow Business

  • 40 percent of employers this year plan to hire temp workers while 80 percent plan to increase their flexible workforce
  • Some industries that commonly hire flex workers are restaurant and hospitality, retail trade and healthcare

3. They Save Companies Money

  •  Full-time flex workers can save employers $20-$37K per employee per year
  • 41 percent of companies that have hired flexible workers reported revenue increases

4. They are More Available

  • 22 percent of freelancers dedicate 11-20 hours/week to projects
  • Another 50 percent work on 2-3 projects at a time

5. You can Test-Drive Them

  • 39 percent of temp workers transition into full-time positions
  • 7 percent of flex workers freelance until they find full-time jobs

The infographic also lists a few notables who started out in the flexible workforce:

  • Steve Jobs worked as a seasonal summer intern at HP
  • George Lucas started as a teaching assistant
  • Oprah began her career working part-time at a radio station

Flex Workers Rock Infographic

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