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The Internet and easy team collaboration software has made working from home possible for many employees, particularly in the information sector of the economy. Telecommuting has become a much more regular aspect of workplace culture and many companies have at least a percentage of their staff working remotely. In certain task-oriented professions such as software development, home work coupled with flexible work hours makes economic sense for employers and is becoming a very popular option.

Telecommuting, also known as telework, is the practice of working from a location other than the organization's premises. Most often, individuals telecommute from their home office; but some may go to a telecommuting center. The location of work is only limited by the individual's equipment and ability to connect to the organization.

If they have not already done so, executives, managers, and human resources departments should begin considering the possibility of allowing employees to telecommute. Employees that wish to telecommute should begin investing in the necessary equipment if the organization does not plan to purchase the equipment for them. They must also prove themselves capable of working on their own without direct supervision.

Organizations should consider allowing work from remote places because it allows them to access more talent. They do not have to worry about a candidate's willingness to relocate if the work can be done from home or another location of the candidate's choice. The flexible hours and lack of time and expense spent traveling are really appealing to potential employees, and employees who enjoy working remotely are less likely to leave the organization. Organizations save money by not having to pay for as many sick days or personal days. Additionally, from an environmental perspective, reducing travel reduces carbon footprint.

With advances in technology, there are numerous ways to work from a remote location. Some of the technologies include telephone, Internet, e-mail, voice over internet protocol, virtual meeting places, and many more. The possibilities are only limited by the available technology.
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