For many companies, summer means lower productivity and a lack of engagement. With many employees either working remotely or on vacation, it can be challenging to get your team operating as a cohesive unit. Whether you’re in sales, marketing, tech, finance, or another sector, it’s imperative that you provide best-in-class work for your customers and clients, no matter the season.

How can you ensure that you and your team are all on the same page?

Although easier said than done, it is possible. Thanks to advances in technology, working remotely – and productively – has become much easier to do.

If you want to alleviate stress while boosting summer productivity, take a look at the following five platforms:

1. Spinify

Spinify is a leaderboard platform that gets your employees amped by visualizing their achievements. Leaderboards display data such as sales quotas and where employees are in relation to achieving their goals. The platform also sends alerts and keeps employees on track.

2. Emplify

Yearly surveys don’t cut it when it comes to understanding what employees need in order to succeed. Emplify’s agile measurement software combines annual surveys with quarterly check-ins and pulse polling to uncover the core issues behind symptoms like high turnover, low productivity, and poor innovation, enabling leaders to make data-driven decisions that improve employee engagement.

3. Shufflrr

See who is really putting in the effort behind a project with Shufflrr. The platform’s cloud-based service lets users store, edit, and share PowerPoint presentations in a single place. Not only does this save time and money, but it also gives team managers and leaders insight into who is working on what, keeping people accountable.

4. Everwise

Make sure employees have the proper support they need with Everwise, a mixed software that provides mentorship matching. The software selects mentors who best fit each employee’s traits and aspirations. Content is curated according to employees’ specific focus areas, and the interactive goal-setting process guides employees through identifying and prioritizing areas for improvement. Employees are more likely to show up, do good work, and go the extra mile when they have the support of a fitting mentor.

5. Toggl

Toggl’s time tracker is built for speed and ease of use. It tracks both the projected timeline of a task and its actual timeline, giving you the chance to compare employee performance to expected performance. This leads to an accurate picture of how profitable your projects really actually are.

Bonnie Halper is the founder and editor of StartupOneStop where she curates weekly newsletters that focus on startups and entrepreneurs.

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