bagThere is one thing that job hunters often neglect: The way you express yourself in written form can determine the course of your career. You don’t have to be a writer, blogger, or content marketer to be interested in boosting your business writing skills. You’ll benefit from these efforts regardless of the career you’re committed to.

One way of improving your written communication skills is by attending a course. That would be a great thing to do if you have free time on your hands. If not, the following online tools will help you improve your style under your own terms.


Complexity is not compatible with business writing. Your sentences and paragraphs should be brief, authoritative, and comprehensive. When you write a text, use the Readability Test Tool to calculate its readability and improve it if necessary.

2. OneLook Reverse Dictionary

Do you get stuck because you can’t find the right words to explain your thoughts? This online tool will help you hop right over that mental barricade. Just describe the concept on your mind, and OneLook Reverse Dictionary will find a list of words you can use.

3. NinjaEssays

You need to write a resume, business report, post for content marketing purposes, or a simple email? If you don’t make it perfect, you won’t leave a good impression. Every single piece of content you write is a chance for career advancement. If you can’t cope with the challenge, it’s time to think about delegation. The professional writers at custom writing service NinjaEssays can help you deliver results by any deadline you set.


You must never plagiarize! It doesn’t matter whether you are writing a business report, a resume, or an email message — you cannot use someone else’s words without giving proper credit. PlagTracker is a plagiarism-checking service that will keep you safe from such mistakes. All you need to do is paste the content into the text box, and the tool will let you know if you got a little too inspired by an online resource.

5. Infoplease Homework Center: Writing Skills

You thought that the essay projects at college were pointless? You were wrong. Academic writing is very close to business writing. They’re both focused on clarity, concision, and factual information. If you missed the basics, a reminder won’t do you any harm. At this website, you’ll find instructions on the basics steps of academic writing. You’ll gain a nice foundation that will immediately turn you into a better writer.

6. Email Excellence

booksThis online tool is all about helping you understand the standards of writing business emails. You can get specific training based on your position. Are you a leader, an individual, or a training manager? Choose the right option and start learning how to write proper emails to business partners, hiring managers, customers, and team members.

7. Men With Pens

This site has an awesome blog that’s constantly being updated with tips for business writing. Take the time to read one article per week and implement its tips in your writing practice. Over time, you’ll understand what effect you are supposed to achieve through the content you write.

8. Verbix

Do you struggle with grammar? That’s not a sin – we can’t all be linguistic masters. However, that doesn’t mean you can write as well as you speak. You must write polished sentences that won’t make you look silly in the eyes of the reader. Use Verbix when you have doubts about verb tenses. The online tool will conjugate any English verb in different tenses.

9. WhiteSmoke

Here is another tool that cares about your grammar. It works with Word, Chrome, Firefox, and almost any other tool you might use for writing. WhiteSmoke will detect syntax, grammar, and spelling errors, and it will help you fix them.


At it’s core, business writing is not that difficult. If you have the idea in your mind, it will be easy to express it when you stick to the rules of clarity, simplicity, and form. The above-listed tool will help get you on the right track. Practice, and you’ll become better with time!

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