According to some, creativity is an inborn gift. There’s no way to acquire it if you weren’t born with it, nor is there any way to make yourself more creative if you only have a little creativity.

While the jury is still out on what, exactly, makes a person “creative,” there is good reason to believe that every one of us has some creative potential – and that every one of us can nurture and refine our creative impulses so as to become even more creative.

And while creativity can be a great thing to have in your life in general, it can also greatly benefit you at work: 60 percent of CEOs believe creativity is the most important leadership quality. So, if you’re creative in your approach to problems and solutions at work, you’re setting yourself up for career success.

Need a little help cultivating your creative side? Check out this infographic from Spirit Button, a veritable trove of inspiration, which outlines nine ways you can boost your creativity:


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