updated formatta 8.9Access has announced the release of Formatta 8.9, the latest version of its web-based, paperless enterprise forms management platform. The release includes web services autofill integration and managed URL features plus a forms workflow enhancement. Formatta technology enables organizations to:

  • Design and create electronic versions of paper forms.
  • Securely publish e-forms and manage updates.
  • Organize and administer all enterprise e-forms in one place.
  • Access and approve e-forms using virtually any device.
  • Complete e-forms online or offline and submit them anytime.
  • Authenticate and sign e-forms officially without paper.
  • Distribute e-forms and notify others as part of any process.
  • Output and integrate e-forms and data with other systems.

Formatta 8.9 strengthens its enterprise-class platform with web services functionality:

  • Integrating e-forms with third-party systems, like ERP, ECM and other business applications, is faster, easier and more secure.
  • Data can be pulled from any third-party system that is open to web services into Formatta e-forms.
  • Custom URLs that users click to launch e-forms can be controlled and secured to ensure that sensitive information is never passed through.
  • An intuitive setup speeds and simplifies the implementation of web services features.

Formatta 8.9 enhances enterprise business workflow processes that require forms to be distributed electronically to a group of people for action or approval:

  • E-forms can be locked to ensure that only one user is able to make updates at a time, protecting the integrity of the content and creating a linear record of actions.

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