finger touching virtual screenPlatform-as-a-service (PaaS) for DCM provider Eccentex Corp. has released the results of its survey on the adoption and need of mobile, cloud, and PaaS technologies. The survey found that modern workers need these technologies to work remotely but the provided tools are inadequate to the task. The vast majority of respondents (84 percent) agreed that they need to work remotely, but 70 percent said that they have inadequate tools for doing so, and 16 percent said they could not bring their own device to work.

Other key findings from the survey include:

• 73 percent of companies use cloud apps but just 36 percent think that those apps are secure.

• 90 percent of companies need to consistently comply with government regulations but 40 percent are not updating their tools regularly.

• 54 percent think that an ideal company encourages and supports telecommuting, 11 percent said remote work is inconvenient, and just 4 percent said it should not be allowed.

“At Eccentex, we are striving to deliver a customizable cloud-based platform that empowers the modern worker,” said Glen Schrank, CEO at Eccentex Corporation. “We want workers to be satisfied with the tools they are using, which enable tasks to be executed quickly, efficiently, and effectively. Modern technology in the workplace not only increases productivity, but keeps companies competitive in their respected industry as well.”


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