November 10, 2014

appsFreedom Offers Backend-as-a-Service for Developers to Deploy Business Services

baas for developersappsFreedom, a provider of a leading model-driven, enterprise app platform, has announced a codeless platform for citizen developers to sync organizations’ backend applications as a BaaS (Backend-as-a-Service), enabling app developers to integrate and manage backend data, from any app development tool.

The appsFreedom platform enables people within an organization who understand the business needs and enterprise business systems, typically IT/business analysts and subject matter experts, to enable their backend-applications-as-a-service in a secure and consistent manner with no coding required.

The appsFreedom Platform is the first app development platform of its kind that allows “citizen developers” to easily discover the APIs and business data from their enterprise backend applications, empowering them to focus on building the business and integration logic in a visual modeling environment. No coding is required to integrate to backend enterprise applications; nor is any coding required for basic services like authentication, SSO or push notifications. A citizen developer can combine and mashup business data from multiple systems to generate the BaaS for the app developer to consume via any development tool of their choice.

The appsFreedom Platform is the only platform that tackles the root cause of long app development cycles, enabling a company to leverage resources across the organization to mobilize its applications, accelerating app development and improving time-to-value for app deployment.

A free demo of the platform, including one-on-one support, is available to potential users for a no-obligation test drive.

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