puzzle piecesAtlas Van Lines, a leading national mover, has reported on inbound and outbound moving shifts as determined by moving patterns of its nationwide customers in 2012. The 2012 Atlas Van Lines Migration Patterns report found that the most popular inbound states were found in the Southwestern and Mid-Atlantic regions. The Midwest also transitioned from a more heavily outbound region to one that was more balanced with equal numbers of both outbound and inbound movers.

In fact, one-third of the states moving from outbound to balanced states in 2012 were in the Midwest. The six states included Massachusetts, Delaware, Louisiana, Missouri, Utah, and Wisconsin. Four inbound states also shifted to balanced states including Maryland, New Mexico, Rhode Island, and Virginia. Wyoming has transitioned back to an outbound state after spending 2011 as a balanced stated and New Hampshire changed from balanced to inbound.

The most moves occurred in California, Texas, and Florida while Washington, D.C. continued its long-time inbound dominance at a rate of 63 percent of all moves. The highest percentage of outbound moves took place in Nebraska and New York, each with outbound moves accounting for 58 percent of all moves.

“This year’s annual Migration Patterns study revealed some interesting changes from 2011’s overall and regional trends,” Jack Griffin, president and COO of Atlas World Group, said. “One of the more positive signs of 2012’s results is the shift from the majority of Midwestern states being outbound to a more balanced state. The increase in the number of balanced states/provinces throughout the U.S. and Canada is a promising sign that the economy could be stabilizing.”

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