people in bubbleNearly all of surveyed executives (96 percent) participating in an inaugural survey by the Korn/Ferry Institute think that diversity and inclusion in the workforce can improve employee engagement and business performance. But the survey also found that actions to actually promote inclusion are lacking. Almost three-quarters of polled executives reported working for organizations with diversity and inclusion programs but 23 percent said financial incentives are offered to senior executives for promoting inclusion.

“We are encouraged that nearly all of the executives surveyed recognize having a diverse and inclusive workplace gives them a strategic advantage in the marketplace,” said Oris Stuart, a Senior Partner in Korn/Ferry Leadership and Talent Consulting. “At the same time, there’s work to do in holding managers and leaders accountable and creating incentives.”

Stuart continued, “”It is also interesting that although 52 percent of those surveyed said management performance appraisals include a component for effectively managing diversity, it is only influencing executive compensation in 23 percent of their organizations. That’s a problem. In the end, these results are very much in line with what we’re seeing in the marketplace. This survey shows we have made a positive start in building diversity and inclusion but still have a long road ahead.”


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