whitepaper highlights bad HR recruitment habitsHR technology and HR consultancy firm Berkshire Associates has released its latest white paper, Breaking Bad Habits in HR Recruitment Practices; an outline of common negative recruitment habits and how to create a more effective hiring process and balanced workforce. As the recruitment process is a crucial part of hiring the best employees, and hence of maintaining the strength of an organization, it is important for HR recruitment to avoid developing bad habits that negatively affects the overall success of an organization. The Berkshire Associates white paper discusses both the following habits and how to address them:

• Inadequate job descriptions

• Lack-luster and biased job postings

• Ineffective applicant tracking processes

• Untrained recruiters and hiring managers

Job descriptions are discussed as one of the most overlooked aspects of the hiring process and an item that is frequently not allotted adequate time for updates and correctly describing roles and duties. Mistakes in the choice of advertising language is also addressed including tips on what to include to get responses from qualified applicants and how to use legally-mandated, inclusive language. Applicant tracking is discussed as a feature that many companies feel is too cost-prohibited to implement but is necessary to protect against discrimination claims and to ensure diversity promotion. Finally, issues involving untrained hiring managers are surveyed and methods are discussed as to how to improve the relationship between recruiter and candidate.


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