smartmatch job matching techBeyond has announced the launch of a new technology designed to match job seekers to available positions using an algorithm that learns from user habits. Called SmartMatch, the technology changes as a person engages with Beyond, learning from their activity and scanning millions of job openings to find other similar positions.

“SmartMatch works with you, sifting through options like a knowledgeable concierge committed to providing the best experience possible,” said Rich Milgram, CEO of Beyond. “While it’s terrific that more job openings are becoming available, it doesn’t do job seekers any good unless we can find them the right one.”

SmartMatch is an evolution within the employment industry and involves all aspects of the user experience to better suit the needs of job seekers, sending industry news, tips and articles that can create well-rounded candidates. Advertisers and hiring managers also benefit from SmartMatch, allowing them to promote and recruit more effectively based on user preferences.

“SmartMatch is a learning engine,” continued Milgram. “You can have the perfect resume and be the best candidate for the job, but those things don’t matter if you can’t find the position. The industry has relied on job seekers searching by keywords for far too long; by incorporating behavioral technology like SmartMatch, we’re finally able to account for important engagement trends.”

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