brosixBrosix’s newest update to its instant messenger contains multiple major improvements and includes features such as multi-monitor support for screen-sharing purposes and editable screenshot functionality. Also included in the update in an improved notifications system, an auto-away status message when the computer is locked or another full-screen application is active, and improved audio/visual performance for users with slow or limited Internet bandwidth. All users will also experience better connections overall due to the utilization of a new communications server and protocol.

“Many of our clients in the IT business are using 2 or more screens. Now thanks to the new screenshot conference feature they can edit the screenshots from all the monitors before they send them to many colleagues at once”. Stefan Chekanov, CEO of Brosix, said. “We strive to provide improved features and functionality after hearing back from all Brosix users and we know they will like the improvements in Brosix Instant Messenger version 3.3.”

Additional minor messenger tweaks include adjustments to the whiteboard, custom logos, co-browsing functionality, and file transfer themes, among others, generating a better overall instant messaging experience. The program is available for Mac, Linux, Windows, Android, iOS, and Web and supports a large variety of languages in addition to English including Italian, French, and German. More information on the Brosix enterprise instant messenger is available at

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