pie chartAccording to a recent survey by DHR International and Modern Survey, 73 percent of business executives prefer to use LinkedIn, a staggering difference between the 21 percent who prefer Facebook and the 3 percent who prefer Twitter. The study of 139 business executives (directors and above) questioned these company leaders about their preferences, awareness and usage of social media tools.

More than half (53 percent) of respondents said they use LinkedIn very often; 20 percent said they use Facebook very often and another 14 percent reported to using Twitter very often.

Although more than 80 percent of executives are aware of “newer sites” like Pinterest and Google+, only 5 percent reported preferring these newer social media tools/sites over “the big three” (Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn).

The study also measured how often executives use social media. When asked how often they use social media during the work week, 65 percent reported to using them daily. Yet, although executives are using social media daily, the length of time they’re using it is small. More than half (60 percent) reported using social media just one hour or less per week.

“These executives tend to have full plates and their attention is focused on delivering better results and advancing their careers,” Dwain Celistan, executive vice president at DHR International, said. “The data has suggested that these leaders are not finding social media, in general, to provide enough benefits on either of those areas.”

The executives also indicated that they would use social media more if:

  • It were helpful to their business—90%
  • They were actively looking for a new career opportunity—86%
  • Items learned were consistently high value—85%
  • They thought it was a better use of their time—80%
  • They better understood the benefits—60%
  • They had a better experience with the tools—50%

“LinkedIn is seen as a social media vehicle worthy of their time.  It has become a means of connecting with ease and for some, an opening to business and career opportunities,” Celistan said. “I anticipate this phenomenon to continue.”

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