Articles and Tips on Using LinkedIn

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LinkedIn is the most popular social network for professionals. Emerging from the massive trend of social media websites (Web 2.0) as the default home for professional resume profiles, LinkedIn has exploded in popularity and use. Find out how to use LinkedIn to its fullest potential.

LinkedIn differentiated itself quickly in the blur of social networking sites as the only purely "professional" site. Networking on LinkedIn was always for business and professional use, as opposed to most social sites that focused on broad consumer and social activities.

Today, LinkedIn is a very high traffic website and force in the recruitment technology market. LinkedIn proved highly disruptive to the online job board market. Through its recent IPO (as of 2012), its market capitalization puts it as the most highly valued company involved in Internet recruiting and job search.

LinkedIn offers much more than simple online networking. The LinkedIn website offers on-site groups, curated content through its popular LinkedIn Today feature, and traditional job board style job search and posting. In addition, LinkedIn has developed much of the same sharing and update flow as Twitter. With the additional industry and professional categorization options, users can sort through the updates of highly specific groups of individuals, as well as their own connections.
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