NewsThe Canadian Association for Prior Learning Assessment (CAPLA) will be having its Fall Focus Workshop in Toronto, Canada from November 13-15 to showcase new online competency-based assessment tools for the wood manufacturing industry. Co-presenters Shaun Vollick and Richard Lipman will be presenting, “”Building Success: Prior Learning Assessment and Recognition (PLAR) Tools for Today’s Wood Manufacturing Sector”, as well as an overview of the PLAR suite tools.

The online competency-based assessment tool will help match employers, displaced workers, and internationally trained worker’s skills with available jobs in the wood manufacturing industry. According to Vollick, Director of Professional Services for HRSG’s Toronto office, “Hiring managers in the advanced wood processing sector continue to see many job applicants from other industries or countries but have a challenge identifying critical transferable skills.” He adds, “Having the capability to identify job seekers, or current employees, with the skills and competencies a company needs adds strategic value to the hiring process.”

Along with bridging the gap between job seekers and usable skills, the free tool will have specific assessments, interview questions, and assessment guides that help HR professionals determine job seeker skills and experience before hiring for a specific job.

The workshop is three days and will include plenary sessions and workshops. Richard Florida, author of “The rise of the Creative Class and Who’s Your City?” will be the opening keynote speaker.

You may register for the event at

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