newsWhich jobs that are part of your industry have been outsourced to other countries?  While you might think of the reliance of foreign labor for technological services and manufacturing, recent changes have opened up new areas of labor in China.  Recently, Career International Consulting Ltd (“Career International”), one of the leading total recruitment solutions providers in Asia, officially announced the establishment of its first recruitment process outsourcing base in China in Suzhou Industrial Park (SIP). The base will initially focus its operations mainly in Suzhou, and will become a model center for human resources outsourcing services for the southern Yangtze Delta region and for China as well.

As industry in China has grown and grown, it has become clear that they need more workers adept in human resources to serve their workforce.  Employers have found that a decided lack of human resource departments has hindered recruiters from finding the best candidates.  Will this new focus on recruitment in China change the market for American recruiters?

The company considers the strong demand for human resources recruitment outsourcing services a sign of the great potential of the market. Career International focuses on the nuts and bolts of recruiting– confident that it can greatly reduce the time needed for a job vacancy to be filled and as well as lower the average cost of recruitment.

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