blue arrows extending outCareerBliss recently released its survey, Happiest and Unhappiest Jobs in the U.S., revealing data ranking the occupations leading to the most and least job satisfaction among employees. Top jobs are typically those involving sales and finance while the least happy jobs include teachers, nurses, and attorneys.

The complete top 10 list of happiest jobs in the country for 2013, ranked from first to last, include:

• Real Estate Agent

• Senior Quality Assurance Engineer

• Senior Sales Representative

• Construction Superintendent

• Senior Application Developer

• Logistics Manager

• Construction Manager

• Executive Administrative Assistant

• Network Engineer

• Assistant Controller

The top 10 unhappiest jobs in the U.S., in ascending order, include:

• Case Manager

• Technical Support Specialist

• Pharmacy Technician

• Legal Assistant

• Marketing Coordinator

• Teacher

• Registered Nurse

• Clerk

• Customer Service Associate

• Associate Attorney

“What is so unique about CareerBliss is that we can evaluate not only what jobs are making a comeback, but also what trends are impacting overall happiness in the workplace,” Heidi Golledge, CEO and co-founder of CareerBliss, said. “Real estate agents have definitely weathered quite a financial storm over the past few years, but, right now, rates are between 2 to 3 percent and inventory is low, making it a real estate agent’s dream as new homes hit the market and are getting multiple offers in the first week. Realtors say that the way they work, and the rewards they are seeing with a growing market has helped boost overall happiness for those in this career.”

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