flipping magazine pageA new nationwide survey, conducted on behalf of CareerBuilder, has found that while skills and experience remain critical for getting a job, there are many other factors considered as well. These factors range from fashion sense and humor to knowledge of current affairs. When asked to pick between two equally qualified candidates with the following traits, employers were clear on which factors weighed heaviest on their hiring decision:

• Best sense of humor – 27 percent

• Highest level of community involvement – 26 percent

• Best dressed – 22 percent

• Most commonalities between candidate and interviewer – 21

• Most physically fit – 13 percent

• Most knowledgeable of current affairs and pop culture – 8 percent

• Most social media involvement – 7 percent

• Most sports knowledge – 4 percent

“When you’re looking for a job, the key is selling your personal brand. Employers are not only looking for people who are professionally qualified for the position, but also someone who is going to fit in at the office,” said Rosemary Haefner, Vice President of Human Resources at CareerBuilder. “Once you get the job, however, the process doesn’t simply stop. Employers will continuously assess personality, performance and behavior when considering prospects for promotions. You want to treat your current job like an extended interview for the next job you want in the company.”

On the flip side, the following factors were the most likely to eliminate a candidate from being hired, promoted, or otherwise looked upon favorably:

• Using the phrase “that’s not my job” – 71 percent

• Chronic tardiness – 69 percent

• Lying at work – 68 percent

• Taking credit for the work of others – 64 percent

• Consistently leaving work early – 55 percent

• Taking liberties with corporate expense accounts – 55 percent

• Gossiping – 46 percent

• Unprofessional dress – 35 percent

• Swearing in the workplace – 30 percent

• Never speaking up in meetings – 22 percent

• Crying at work – 9 percent

• Dating coworkers – 8 percent


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