most endangered jobs in 2014Mail carrier is the most endangered position in the United States, according to the CareerCast Jobs Rated report for 2014. The profession came in last out of 200 careers examined, with an expected employment decline of 22 percent by 2022. Current carriers are not affected by this decline.

The move from paper to electronics is a common theme in many projected job losses. For example, newspaper reporters face a 13 percent decline in coming years, in large part because advertisers have cut their print budgets by nearly 30 percent in the last five years.

Likewise, the logging industry is feeling the impact of the move from print to digital. Significantly lower demand for paper means much less need for wood pulp that lumberjacks help provide. The result is a 9 percent decline in logging industry employment.

Technology is making other careers, such as meter reader, obsolete. Many gas and electric companies are installing electronic meter readers that instantly provide usage updates, which will cause a job decline of 19 percent by 2022. Farming also is taking a hit, with technology enabling farmers to produce more food with less labor.

The following are the most endangered jobs, along with the salary and projected decline by 2022:

• Mail carrier – $53,100 salary, decline by 2022 of 28 percent.

• Farmer – $69,300 salary, decline by 2022 of 19 percent.

• Meter reader – $36,410 salary, decline by 2022 of 19 percent.

• Newspaper reporter – $37,090 salary, decline by 2022 of 13 percent.

• Travel agent – $34,600 salary, decline by 2022 of 12 percent.

• Lumberjack – $24,340 salary, decline by 2022 of 9 percent.

• Flight attendant – $37,240 salary, decline by 2022 of 7 percent.

• Drill-press operator – $32,950 salary, decline by 2022 of 6 percent.

• Printing worker – $34,100 salary, decline by 2022 of 5 percent.

• Tax examiner and collector – $50,440 salary, decline by 2022 of 4 percent.

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