NewsCloud Veterans and Content Management have partnered to bring business-focused document management to businesses in Australia and New Zealand. Utilizing each company’s expertise in cloud-based “smart” tools and content management, users can use tools such as analytics, workflow tools, and alerts to manage documents immediately.

The business sector is growing at a rapid rate in Australia and New Zealand, so the need for efficient budget, invoice, and contract management is growing. With software from KnowledgeTree, companies can utilize tools such as Smart Tools, which manage and organize documents, Smart Insights, which streamline management processes, Smart Teams, which “boost” user engagement, Smart Integrations, which access documents from anywhere, and Smart Value for IT, which allows for technical management.

Due to KnowledgeTree being delivered by the cloud, business functionality is rich and time efficient, increasing productivity by the ability to manage documents smarter. Professionals in the finance, legal, HR, and sales teams will benefit from such software.

According to Johnie McDonald, Cloud Adapt CEO, “KnowledgeTree is widely recognized for its innovative approach in meeting the demands of its clients’ document management and workflow needs. KnowledgeTree has been recognized accordingly, with a number of recent accolades, including being named one of the ten global SAAS vendors to watch by Network World.”

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