enterpriseaxis office network releasedEnterpriseAxis, LLC has announced the worldwide launch of its cloud-based Software as a Service Human Resources Information System platform, EnterpriseAxis Office Network. The platform allows companies to streamline business operations for labor cost savings and an improved bottom line. Integrating with key intra-organizational functions, the platform offers a global view of all internal operations. EnterpriseAxis Office Network is composed of core features including Human Resources Administration, Recruiting, Employee Self Service, and Data Security. Additional advanced modular features may also be added to assist with organization-specific needs including Benefits, Candidate Relationship Management (CRM) and Skills Testing, Business Analytics, Customer and Vendor Support, Tracking, Records, Forms, Marking, and Custom Configuration.

“The platform is highly scalable with the ability to expand and contract seat subscriptions as a business grows or downsizes,” said EnterpriseAxis, LLC Owner and CEO Jay Gingrich. “EnterpriseAxis Office Network is best suited for business with 50 or more employees or for government contractors who need to quickly transition from one project to another and manage a disperse workforce.”

The mobile technology is accessible anytime, anywhere from a maintenance free, secure cloud-based environment to provide businesses with all-the-time access to advantages such as cost reduction, greater flexibility, increased connectivity and mobility, collaboration and integration, efficiency, and networking. By integrating business operations, EnterpriseAxis Office Network helps businesses become more profitable and agile despite limited resources and an uncertain economy.


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