commence offers crm solution to mid marketCommence Corporation is bringing its enterprise-level CRM solution to the middle market for small and medium-sized businesses. The platform combines cloud-based and desktop CRM with customer support and technological investments of an enterprise-caliber solution. Commence Version 5.5 supports internal chat with a follow system, integration with MS Word and Calendar, and click-to-dial functionality for smartphones.

“Commence CRM Version 5.5 was driven by the feedback of our customers and the creativity of our developers,” said Larry Caretsky, president of Commence. “Every single quarter we invest in our technology and produce a new version, and we always look to our customers for direction. This simply does not happen with large CRM companies and ‘freemium’ CRM providers. Version 5.5 shows that after 25 years, we’re still improving our product and providing a mixture of technical support and on-demand service that few other companies offer.”

Commence is a one-screen solution built to not only support contact management and sales, but to handle email marketing, held desk management, and marketing campaigns enhanced by integration with Outlook and Google Calendar, Tasks and Maps. Thus, all sales, support, and administrative work can be done through Commerce. Other features include account scoring, organizational charts, lead management, and a built-in project management system. New features for Version 5.5 include:

• An internal workplace instant messaging system with group chat features and a follow feature. Managers are able to contact multiple employees simultaneously while tracking internal dialog.

• MS word integration allows user to pre-populate letter templates with data saved in Commence.

• Click-to-dial functionality on iOS and Android Phones.


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