tranform commuter cost to wagesStartup Commutercost is offering a novel way for candidates and employers to calculate the cost of commuting. Subscribers to the service receive access to a cost calculator based on a driving commute, mass transit commute, and multimodal inputs. The calculator also contains a wage component in order to help job seekers factor in commuting costs into their wage and salary negotiations.

Other features of the service include a proprietary Google Maps interface that measures and saves trip miles and commute times. Commuters can even enter the number of days spent telecommuting or as a passenger in a car pool. Commutercost also covers trains, buses, and taxi commutes in addition to including parking and toll fees. The service requires no downloads and is free to try in a scaled-down version.

“The Commutercost calculator was developed by geographers, engineers, and financial & business experts for the purpose of creating a website, so that every commuting business professional can have a greater understanding of what their job compensation should be…and is,” said John Dyer, CEO of Commutercost. “I originally created the calculator proto-type for my own personal use, but quickly found immense interest from other individuals and institutions.”


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