NewsHuman Resource Systems Group (HRSG) a provider of competency-based services and talent management software solutions, has recently launched the latest version of their flagship competency management tool,  the i-SkillSuite software. Currently in its version 5.0 release, i-SkillSuite is designed to support the strategic management of talent from pre-hire to retire, now with expanded capabilities and new competency based job profiles.

“With the release of Version 5.0, HRSG has solidified its place as an international leader in the competency management space,” said Suzanne Simpson, President of HRSG. “i-SkillSuite 5.0 was developed through business research, the engagement of hundreds of competency based projects, management best practices and our customers’ feedback. It’s now easier than ever for clients to harness the power of competency based talent management.”

Experiencing rapid growth over the past five years, i-SkillSuite has quickly established a name for itself as more and more HR professionals use the tool as a solution for managing their company’s competency assessments,  talent needs, and matching employees to jobs that offer the best fit. The version 5.0 release also lets users make organizational charts, identify vacant jobs, match for skills, competencies, and experience and comes pre-loaded with a extensive competency dictionary featuring over 90 general and functional competencies. A library of competency based job descriptions and technical profiles is also included.

Additionally, i-SkillSuite 5.0 is designed to integrate its competency based processes and best practices with many larger talent management software systems such as SuccessFactors, SAP, PeopleSoft and Halogen. As a standalone offering or combined with other solutions, i-SkillSuite ensures the right fit for the right job.

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