CSI_infographic-sectionMay 3,2014, was National Computer Education Day and to keep the education going the IT experts at Computer Systems Institute released a new infographic, “An Ever-expanding Network: The Evolution of the Computer and the Networking Industry.”

And just what does the infographic teach us about the evolution of technology and computers ? Well:

PC Use: Then and now

As most already know, the use of technology has rapidly expanded over the years. But did you know that there were 19 million PCs in use in the USA in 1985, yet the infographic estimates that 392 million PCs will be in use in the states in 2015? Talk about evolving the use of technology!

Technological Advances from 1989 to 2014

  • The data explains how in 1989 at the annual CERN conference, Time Berner-Lee gave a proposal for something called  the “World Wide Web.” Just one year later Microsoft released Windows 3.0 and 486DX-based computers go on sale.
  • In 2001 Apple releases the infamous iPod and in 2002-03, Blackberries were introduced, integrating email with mobility.
  • The infographic also notes how a Harvard student created Facebook in 2004, and just three years later Apple revolutionized smartphones with the iPhone. In 2010 Apple released the iPad and from 2012-2014, tablet ownership increased from 3 percent to 42 percent.

The Networking Industry Today

So many technological advances have certainly affected today’s networking industry. The infographic explains how  the IT industry is expected to grow  22 percent by 2020, creating many opportunities. For example, the demand for IT managers will increase by 18 percent while the demand for software engineers will increase by 28-31 percent.


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