hottest jobs of 2015CTPartners, a leading global executive search firm, has released its 20th annual Hot Jobs forecast (video) of new and emerging executive roles for 2015. The top factors influencing these leadership positions are driven in particular by the ongoing dominance of big data in business, the technological advances in security and risk and the increased rigor demanded globally for corporate governance.

Below is a list of the predicted “hot jobs” for 2015:

Digital and Marketing

  • Chief Marketing Officer: CMOs must embrace data analytics to work effectively and measure performance.
  • Digital Marketing / Chief Creative Officer: The marketing executive is leading the way as companies continue their shift from traditional to online advertising platforms.
  • Chief Digital Officer: Chief Digital Officers are being called upon to develop effective strategies for mobile and digital platforms.

Retail Industry

  • Analytics Practice Leader: A key competitive priority is being able to capture and synthesize massive amounts of data.
  • Chief Growth Officer: Includes initiatives aimed at identifying growth opportunities across digital media and technology.
  • Head of Personalization: Must be an expert at integrating the knowledge gained from customer behavior analytics into highly-targeted engagement and marketing strategies.

Cybersecurity and Risk

  • Chief Information Security Officer: Best-in-class cybersecurity leaders possess a defense sector or federal government background.
  • Digital Risk Officer: Businesses in all industries will turn to DROs to meet the ever-growing need for consistent, organization-wide responses to digital business risk.
  • Conduct Risk Officer: A subset of operational risk, conduct risk incorporates treatment of customers, remuneration of staff and a firm’s response to conflicts of interest.

Life Sciences and Healthcare Industry

  • Head of Customer Engagement: Pharmaceutical and other healthcare organizations are taking a digital approach to engaging with and responding to customer bases.
  • Chief Patient Officer: Patient empowerment will be a defining theme, particularly as the opportunities inherent in the convergence of healthcare and technology materialize.
  • Head of Population Heath Management: Along with disease management expertise, this role will possess a sophisticated understanding of the data and analytic tools available.
  • Chief Innovation Officer: This emerging life sciences sector role encompasses both product development and strategic direction responsibilities.

Human Resources

  • Chief Human Resources Officer: Modern CHROs act as a counselor and sounding-board to the CEO.
  • Head of People Analytics: CEOs want deeper and more meaningful information about human capital.

Financial Sector

  • Private Equity CFO: This financial leader has the capacity to move quickly when making decisions.

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