NewsAlorica, a leading provider of outsourced customer contact management solutions, is set to hire over 200 customer service workers at their Tulsa Eastgate call center. The new hires will provide customer support services for a major wireless carrier.

The massive hiring process will begin immediately and continue throughout the rest of the year. Job seekers are encouraged to apply online or visit Alorica’s job fair on Sept 12, 2011 at the Alorica site in Tulsa, Oklahoma. The event will run from 10:00 a.m to 7 p.m.

“We need to find customer service-skilled people looking for a professional working environment focused on quality work,” said Site Director, Blaine Lewis in a recent press release. “It is time to hire! We aim to fill at least 50 positions by the end of the month and will hire most at our exciting job fair next week.”

The new jobs are a welcome sight for downtrodden and unemployed individuals in the area. Despite challenging economic conditions in the U.S., Alorica has seen significant growth over the past 18 months. Recognized as a premier BPO provider and industry leader of customer contact solutions, Alorica offers services for customer care, technical support, sales, collections and social media.  Their clientele are primarily Fortune 1000 companies representing a wide range of industries, including – communications, technology, media, financial services, government, healthcare, automotive, retail and consumer product verticals. Alorica has over 22,000 employees worldwide across more than 35 global contact management centers.

“We are very excited about the need to hire in Tulsa as it is perfect timing with the holidays quickly approaching,” says Alorica Regional Leader, Michael Evans. “These are the moments we cherish when we can announce positive hiring news in the community and help stimulate job growth!”

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