Job Fair Resources

Job Fair - Advice for Attending Job Fairs and Using them to Hire
Attending job fairs can be a great tool for career networking as well as a resource to find open positions. A job fair is usually focused on a particular geography, industry, profession, or cluster of employers. They also include student job fairs, which introduce recent graduates to a variety of available careers and specialized fairs for particular groups, such as veterans or diversity candidates.
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A job fair is an event where typically many prospective employers and job hunters meet in one location so that the employers can gather resumes from the job hunters, and the job hunters can receive, in some cases, interviews on the spot.

Job fairs can vary in format; for example, one employer that needs many different types of employees may sponsor a job fair as a single entity. As another example, job fairs can be restricted to particular types of professions, such as mechanical engineers or nurses, or restricted to general fields, such as academic sciences or healthcare.

There are two basic purposes to a job fair: employers wish to find good employees, while job hunters hope to find good jobs. Many job fairs are focused on first time, entry level recruiting, although there are exceptions to this. For first time job seekers, a job fair gives typically gives them a chance to learn about many different companies and the types of positions they are seeking to fill, as well as learning about various locations where jobs might be available.

It also, if the corporation or company is performing interviews at the fair, gives them valuable interview experience even if ultimately they are not hired as a result of that particular job fair. As with many events that typically are held face-to-face, job fairs also have been held on the Internet. While these are not held in person, they are similar to a traditional job fair in that they are held in real-time on a specialized web site at a particular day and time, and they provide opportunities for employers and potential employees to interact. An online job fair provides an advantage for both job-seekers and employers in that geographical restrictions can, for the large part, be ignored.