June 19, 2013

Customizable Yearbook Tools Suite Commemorates Careers and Employee Successes

yearbook suite commemorates employee successO.C. Tanner recently announced the release of Yearbook at SHRM 2013 and looks to provide personalized keepsakes and memorable experiences for employees celebrating success or career milestones. The Yearbook suite of tools integrates printed brochures, web technologies, and certificates to provide customized keepsakes, year-specific messaging, and other personalized comments from management.

“Our research and our experience shows that what people feel and experience at a 5-year anniversary, is very different than their mindset at 25 years,” explains O.C. Tanner’s President and CEO Dave Petersen. “Yearbook is exciting for us as it helps organizations honor and celebrate every individual and every achievement in a highly personalized and memorable way. The individual feels highly valued, which in turn deepens their commitment and loyalty to their organization.”

Employees respond most strongly to personalized attention, career celebration, and on-going recognition campaign for achievements and reciprocate those positive feels with greater loyalty and productivity. With Yearbook, companies can create personalized keepsake books ranging from 2 to 24 pages in length with personalized photos and messages from senior management teams down to individual co-workers. Yearbook can also act as a marketplace for personalized gift options from which employees can choose from a variety of commemorative gifts.

Yearbook comes in two versions, Design and Custom, which are optimized for all desktops, laptops, tablets, and smartphones, and provide Facebook and Twitter integration for the social sharing of milestones and accomplishments with employees and their friends and families. The toolset is available in 14 languages and provides locally-sourced awards in over 150 countries.

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