cyblock ssl inspection featureThe newest version of Wavecrest Computing’s CyBlock Internet filter and proxy server has been enhanced with a SSL inspection feature for decrypting, analyzing, and inspecting HTTPS traffic. This new tool helps identify and eliminate security threats facing a company’s vulnerable network and web-enabled applications. Such security is even more important as HTTPS encryption becomes more widely used for protecting confidential business data including payroll, banking, invoicing, and other personal, private, or otherwise sensitive data.

HTTPS encryption has arisen as the most cost-effective privacy protection method for sensitive traffic and SSL-encrypted data now accounts for an average of 30 percent of enterprise traffic, with some industries seeing that level rise up to 70 percent. But HTTPS can also leave a gap in security.

The new SSL Inspection feature added CyBlock enables the program to analyze Web traffic utilizing HTTPS encryption to help identify and overcome security threats. Specific URL categories can even be exempted from impaction so that it can be quickly forward to the Web. Other data traffic that does not pass inspection is automatically blocked.

“The use of HTTPS has grown dramatically over the past several years. Many of our customers are encrypting their Web-based content and applications using HTTPS. Today, many Web sites are now starting to encrypt browser connections. Products that are not able to inspect HTTPS will let traffic pass through, bypassing all policy controls and allowing the potential of harmful or malicious code that may be masked by this encryption. This new CyBlock SSL Inspection enhancement will help our customers get control over all their HTTPS traffic,” said Dennis McCabe, President of Wavecrest Computing.


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