September 24, 2013

CyFIR Enterprise Digital Forensic Suite Launches for Corporate Security Professionals

digital forensic suiteCyTech Services, a specialist in digital forensics investigations and incident response services, has announced its new enterprise-level digital forensics platform, CyFIR Enterprise. The new tool provides a safe method for viewing the file systems of remote computers to collect evidence for criminal or civil legal proceedings. Investigators can also view and analyze programs being run in the memory of remote systems in order to detect virus and other unauthorized programs.

“We’ve developed CyFIR to search through an entire enterprise quickly, without the investigator being slowed by the restrictions of licensed concurrent connections,” said John Irvine, Vice President of Technology Development. “When CyFIR searches through an enterprise, it searches the entire network at once—without causing performance issues. Search results appear from each networked computer the moment they are found, allowing analysts to begin working immediately instead of waiting for lengthy imaging processes.”

“CyFIR takes unauthorized code search and remediation to a new level,” added Irvine. “Being able to sweep an entire network for threats and instantly trace running programs back to the hard disk allows incident responders to remediate a computer intrusion much faster than with traditional tools.”

CyFIR Enterprise was designed with inherent flexibility that allows it to work well in network forensics, incident response, eDiscovery, and other security environments. A single installation services a variety of purposes throughout an organization including those found in IT, corporate security, and HR departments.


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