extension for google chromeDiscoverOrg, a provider of sales and marketing intelligence to technology vendors, staffing companies, and IT consultants, has announced that it has released an extension for Google Chrome, enabling database subscribers to access its database of continuously refreshed sales intelligence from any site online.

“We have introduced this free extension to make our users more efficient in their jobs, enabling them to leverage the power of the DiscoverOrg data using auto-matching and context searching. The extension is easily configurable to the specific user’s interests, so that they can find and import contacts directly into salesforce.com or Microsoft Outlook with the click of a button,” said Henry Schuck, co-founder and CEO of DiscoverOrg.

The DiscoverOrg Google Chrome Extension “allows you to easily specify the types of contacts you want to see when you are on a specific website. If you’re a Security Vendor, you’ll want to see Information Security Contacts and the CIO – every time you visit a web page we do a URL lookup against that page and return the contacts that are most relevant to you,” Schuck said.

The extension gives users access to all of the data in the seven DiscoverOrg databases to which they subscribe, delivering guaranteed intelligence with organizational charts for all 19,000+ organizations profiled, direct-dial phone numbers for more than 95 percent of contacts, and all data being refreshed every 90 days.

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