March 10, 2015

Does the State You Live in Affect the Kind of Job Seeker You Are? [Infographic]

PeopleBack in late January, we posted an infographic from personality assessment and career test providers Truity Psychometrics that explored how people’s personalities may play a role in their career paths.

Now, Truity offers another infographic, one that dives into how the state a person lives in may shape their personality. “Is there any truth to the stereotypes of the hospitable Southerner, the plainspoken Midwesterner, the flighty Californian?” asks the infographic?

The infographic sorts the people of each state into five categories:

  • The Producers: Hailing from states as diverse as Texas, Washington, New Jersey, and Wisconsin, among others, the producers are “hardworking, no-nonsense folks who enjoy the company of others.”
  • The Open Minds: These intellectuals, who have strong predilections for the arts and sciences, are spread across America, popping up in Alaska, California, New York, and a host of other states.
  • The Critics: The “brash and tough-minded,” debate-loving critic can be found in Pennsylvania, Iowa, Illinois, and a few other places.
  • The Characters: The members of this “complex bunch” are independent-minded people who buck conventions. Employers can find them in Delaware, Kentucky, and Vermont.
  • The Friendly Conservatives: Think “salt of the earth.” The friendly conservative takes pride in their community, says what’s on their mind (warmly, of course!), and lives in one of the two Dakotas.

If you’re an employer, you may want to take a look at this infographic to find out where you should focus your recruiting efforts. Looking for arts-minded intellectuals? Track down talent in the open-minded states. Need people who won’t shy away from a challenge? The critics are your dream candidates.

Likewise, if you’re a job seeker, you may want to use this infographic to help you figure out what kind of career path you want. Do you fit in with your state’s overall personality traits, as delineated by Truity? Then you may want to seek out career opportunities that will help you make the most of your character.

State Personalities

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