dandelionDon’t be yourself. Try not to be. Try not to be yourself for once. Try for a day or try for a week.

Try to be someone better than you are. Try to be someone different than you are.

Try to be anything but you. Try not to try so hard. Try not to try at all and see where you end up.

Try to become who you should be and not who you are. Look in a mirror and don’t like what you see. Or like what you see and try not to care that you like what you see.

Try not to care so much about yourself. Try not to be like other people but be other people. Just don’t be yourself. Don’t be your self and don’t be your better self.

Try to spend more time with yourself but be someone else more interesting while you do. And be a good listener to yourself, but only act like a good listener, don’t really be a good listener. When you talk, don’t listen. When you try, laugh at yourself.

Try not to create the new you or even worse, to create another copy of yourself. The world needs another you like it needs a better you. You’re better than that and you’re better than yourself.

That’s right, you don’t have to try at all. Because you’re already better than yourself. You are more than yourself. You don’t have to be yourself because you’re already a lot better than what you could ever hope for yourself to become.

This year, don’t be yourself. Because you aren’t.

A quick rumination by A. Marie.

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