Work Life Balance Topics

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Some of the most common career advice is to maintain a proper work life balance. This can mean different things to different people. For some, it might mean having the resources to do things for their family by working, and for others, having a large amount of quality time to spend on personal pursuits. In general, people try to develop work life balance as part of a pursuit of overall happiness and career satisfaction. With greater stresses being placed on working professionals than ever before, it is a very important factor to consider.

Work life balance refers to balancing a person's need and desire to work with that person's need and desire for family time, leisure time, spiritual growth, health and other non-employment related concerns.

Although everyone's tipping point is different, when an individual's work-life balance is too heavily weighted toward professional life and not enough toward other endeavors as well, that person can suffer both mental and physical problems. One of the reasons an improper balancing causes such problems is that it can cause an individual to feel a great deal of stress. Many scientific studies have shown that excessive stress is highly detrimental to an individual's health, both mental and physical. In fact, it's been cited that seventy-five to ninety percent of physician visits are related to stress in some way.

The issue has been in focus as of late, as job related tasks creep further into our lives. Today's workers are expected to be "always on," which means constant mobile communication throughout the day is now the expectation. Time that used to be reserved for family and personal time is now being intruded upon by emailing and mobile devices.

There are resources out there to help. Career, life, and job coaches are individuals trained to examine what is going on the client's life at that moment and help him or her identify any changes that they want to make and then help him or her achieve those changes. They help individuals determine a proper balance between their personal and professional needs and execute a career plan that allows for the fulfillment of this balance.
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