January 13, 2014

Efforts-to-Outcomes Insight Tool Released by Social Solutions

efforts to outcomes insight tool releasedDeveloper of Efforts-to-Outcomes (ETO) software, Social Solutions, has announced the release of ETO Insight to provide a tool that offers service providers insight into client progress toward goals with rapid response to client needs. ETO Insight, now a standard feature with TouchPoints, is a configurable reporting dashboard tool that offers a quick, visual view of progress towards an outcome.

The new tool is designed to provide organizations with a better understanding of how the efforts of their program staff are contributing to change while providing intelligence for making program adjustments to improve service delivery, internal efficiencies, and business outcomes.

“ETO Insight provides human services organizations with the tool they need to quickly respond to participant needs, maximizing their ability to improve participant outcomes—an ability that is increasingly important in the current, competitive funding environment,” Steve Butz, CEO of Social Solutions said. “It will be exciting to see more human service providers take advantage of this tool to drive intentionality in service delivery and improve impact through every interaction.”


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