mobile app for employee self serviceElectronic Commerce, Inc. (ECI), a SaaS provider of unified, web-based Human Capital Management (HCM) applications, announced product enhancements to its Empower Mobile Applications for Employee Self Service. The new user interface (UI) and user-friendly features enable access to information from tablet or smartphone when logged into the Empower Self Service platform.

Empower Mobile delivers important personal information inside an intuitive and responsive UI. Empower Mobile Self Service requires that users log in using their credentials to view pay information and history, benefits information, company directories, internal messages, time off requests, and job openings. Employees can access personal information when it is convenient, via any HTML 5 compatible device, or they can download ECI Empower’s iOS app from iTunes, available mid-June.

“One of our goals at ECI is to continually simplify the user experience and make our product easy and convenient to use,” Jeff Lacy, president and CEO, said. “The new and improved features and functionality of our Empower Self Service Mobile App make it simple for employees to access personal data – on the go.”


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