coaching program for leader transitionEmergent, a boutique consulting firm specializing in business transformation and strategic change management, has announced the launch of a new online leader transition program: Savvy Transition. The program is a structured six-month program of coaching and tools designed to help leaders successfully transition into their new or expanded role.

Savvy Transition is specifically designed for the following individuals:

  • Existing leaders taking on expanded responsibilities
  • Individuals newly appointed to a leadership role
  • Individuals just hired into a leadership role

Available as an individual or enterprise license, the Savvy Transition program is organized around four Transition Phases, six Focus Areas, 21 Transition Activities, and is supported by more than 40 Transition Tools to help leaders be successful.

“With Savvy Transition, leaders can achieve higher performance in a shorter amount of time. It is a powerful, cost-effective tool for leadership development professionals,” stated Jesse Jacoby, Managing Principal at Emergent. “The program engages the leader in collaborative efforts with supervisors, peers, direct reports, clients or customers, and key stakeholders. Because a leader’s success depends on forging constructive relationships with these stakeholders, you will find that the program continually directs the leader toward others—for information exchange, alliance building, and visioning work.,” continued Jacoby.

Savvy Transition is the third product in Emergent’s suite of business transformation tools, which also includes Change Accelerator and TransformationReady business transformation and strategic change management consulting services.

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