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Leadership in today's corporate environment is a well-defined and even quantified skill and competency. Most organizations have formal training programs to develop the management skills of their employees. Find career tips and advice for advancing your leadership skills or improving the talent of your present and future corporate leaders.

Leadership is the ability to get others to follow and to lead them to do the right thing. Good leaders do not coerce others, but they convince others of what they need to do so that the action comes from within. A manager may know everything about his or her position but have trouble getting others to do what he or she would like them to do; however, good managers show good skills. And sometimes leaders (peer leaders, for example) never receive formal recognition for their abilities to inspire others to greater heights of achievement.

Some people seem to have an inborn tendency to be a leader, but everyone should try to hone his or her skills. Managers act as leaders by guiding their subordinates in the direction that the organization should go. In addition to managers, employees can emerge as peer leaders by influencing coworkers either positively or negatively. Sometimes one is a leader and does not even know; therefore, employees should always be mindful of how behavior will be viewed by others who are looking up to them.

Good leadership is demonstrated by bringing about change, focusing on the long term, generating a vision, giving guidance, involving others in the decision-making process, having good social skills, intrinsically motivating others, instilling positive attitudes in others, being involved without micromanaging, taking joy in others' accomplishments, taking risks, thinking outside normal thought patterns, being willing to explore other solutions, giving credit to everyone who contributes, and sharing in the blame when things go badly.
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