NewsNew research by Paradigm Learning, a leading training and communications organization specializing in the design of business games, simulations, and “Discovery Maps” – suggests that many current and emerging business leaders lack the critical thinking skills needed to succeed in a post-recession environment. Marked by increased volatility, this era of uncertainty is characterized as the “new normal” marketplace by researchers at Paradigm. Their findings have been recently released in a white paper entitled, “Developing Critical Thinking in Today’s Leaders: No Room for Old-School Leadership in the New Normal.”

The whitepaper examines the impending “leadership competency gap” and offers solutions for training and development. According to Catherine J. Rezak, chairman and co-founder of Paradigm Learning, Organizations will need to provide new tools and resources for their managers, and embrace innovative strategies that revolve around “critical thinking, business acumen, leadership accountability and big picture, holistic thinking.”

“Now more than ever, business acumen is foundational to effective leadership,” Rezak continued. “It is impossible to apply critical thinking skills to the business of making money without an understanding of the business drivers that connect day-to-day decisions and actions to key financial and strategic performance goals of the organization.”

Paradigm Learning has been providing learning and educational resources to organizations around the globe since 1994. Their latest leadership research is available free for viewing and download here.

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