sparc addresses employee engagement with teamphoriaSoftware development company SPARC has announced its release of Teamphoria, an employee engagement platform to help organizations quantify the quality of their company culture while also aiding in the creation and maintenance of an effective culture. As a growing suite of apps, Teamphoria focuses on specific elements of employee engagement including recognition, communication, camaraderie, performance, and culture. Current apps include employee-recognition software Sparcet, Rate Your Day, Engagement Checkup, Vent, Know Your Team, Request for Feedback, Suggestion Box, and Performance Management.

As the industry’s first enterprise social application focused on how each employee interacts with their teammates (as opposed to a personal focus), the suite of apps provides tools to increase communication, peer-to-peer recognition, and build camaraderie. Data gathered by Teamphoria also gives leaders strategic insight into the engagement level of their employees and on cultural trends. This information can show positive or negative feelings about work at the individual, team, or organizational level and provides real-time analytics on engagement.

“Stage 5 organizations are about the team, and many enterprise social apps get it wrong by focusing on the individual. Teamphoria offers interactions in areas that require the user to recognize teammates, get to know them better, and explore their influence within an organization,” said John Smith, Teamphoria product owner and SPARC’s chief evangelist. “Teamphoria is quick and easy to interact with, and its real-time reporting and analytics tools add tremendous value to leaders wanting to gain real-time insights into their most important asset: their workforce and culture.”


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