e-law service areaNational labor and employment law firm Constangy, Brooks & Smith, LLP, has announced that it has formed a new service area to help employers better manage law and technology in the workplace: the e-Law Service Area.

With a host of nationwide offices, the attorneys who comprise the new e-Law team are experienced litigators and labor attorneys looking to help clients work proactively to avoid costly lawsuits by crafting policies and practices for situations including:

  •     Online recruiting and screening
  •     Social media
  •     Electronic signatures
  •     Discipline for employee comments or conduct online
  •     Payroll cards
  •     Bring-your-own-device programs
  •     Data preservation, security and management

Constangy’s e-Law team will also help employers navigate the complexities of modern litigation and e-discovery, from start to finish.

The new group is chaired by Nancy Leonard in the firm’s Kansas City office and Susan Bassford Wilson in the St. Louis office.

“We’ve created a team of experienced attorneys from within the firm who not only understand the complexities of employment law, but who are ahead of the curve in following constantly evolving technologies and how they are fundamentally changing the way companies engage with their employees,” said Neil Wasser, chairman of Constangy’s executive committee.

The e-Law group will share insights, ideas and news via its Twitter feed (@eLawConstangy) and LinkedIn page. Some recent publications include:

  •     Another One Bites the Dust: The NLRB’s Assault on Social Media and Internet Policies Continues
  •     BYOD Requires BYOB: How to Handle the Challenges Inherent in a “Bring Your Own Device” Program
  •     Electronic Signatures: What Every Employer Needs to Know
  •     Counting the Cost of Payroll Cards: Are They Worth It for Employers?

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