orange folderEmploymentCrossing has reported that the 2.2 million employees who quit their jobs in January, as reported by the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, is an indication that workers are gaining more confidence in the economy. The more confidence the American labor force has in the economy, EmploymentCrossing maintains, the more Americans will voluntarily leave their jobs. Indeed, the recent major increase in that number is the highest it has been since June 2009 when 1.8 million people left their jobs. The number of voluntary quits remained extremely stable throughout 2012.

“An increasing number of Americans are not going to quit their jobs unless they have another one lined up or are sure of getting another job soon,” Harrison Barnes, CEO of EmploymentCrossing, said.

The industry with the most available jobs is currently health care with 411,000 open positions. Other top industries include sales (260,000 open jobs), retail (256,000 jobs), information technology (238,000 jobs), hospitality (193,000 jobs) engineering (163,000 jobs), nursing (144,000 jobs), customer service (117,000 jobs), financial services (109,000 jobs), and accounting (78,000 jobs). The state found by EmploymentCrossing to be the top place for jobs in the country is California with 259,000 jobs, 36,000 of which are within the health care industry.


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