blue globeVirtuali, a New York City based start-up focused on developing the next generation of business leaders, is taking strides to stay true to its mission. The company recently launched Go!, an international leadership development program in Buenos Aires, Argentina, designed to prepare emerging leaders to be successful in an increasingly virtual and international business environment. Go! objects to address rapidly changing workplace demographics and satisfy employees’ desire for continuous learning, increased flexibility, and international experience.

“We developed Go! to bridge the gap between companies and the next generation of business leaders,” states Sean Graber, CEO and Co-founder. “We understand the capabilities that companies want their high performers to develop, and we know the types of experiences that engage and motivate emerging leaders.”

How it Works

Go! participants travel to Virtuali’s campus in Buenos Aires for 30 days where they undergo a rigorous curriculum, which combines MBA classes, business simulations, language and culture courses, and philanthropy. Participants are able to work remotely in their current job throughout the duration of the program.

Open Enrollment

Enrollment for the program is currently open for August and October 2014. The tuition cost of $7,500 includes a full-suite of relocation services, such as:

  • Housing;
  • Workspace;
  • Supplemental health insurance; and
  • 24/7 local support.

All expenses are included except airfare and per diem costs (food and incidentals).

Virtuali said it currently has plans to expand to additional cities in Europe, Asia, and Africa in 2015 and beyond.

Aside from developing future leaders, the company says Go! is an effective tool that employers can use not only to attract high-potential employees but to increase engagement and retention among top performers.

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